Recommended Blogs and Films

As  recommended  by  Natalie  Coleman, LSAD  Graduate,  successful  Fashion  Designer  and  LSAD  Visiting  Lecturer. Natalie  will  be  visiting  the  Fashion  Department  on  20th  and  21st  of  February.

Blogs/Websites for inspiration:

Films/Documentaries for Inspiration:

The Cockettes
Grey Gardens 
What a Way to go
Bill Cunningham - New York
The September Issue
Diane Vreeland: The Eye has to travel
Lagerfield Confidential
Valentino: The last Emperor
The bitter tears of Petra Kant
Qui Etes-Vous, Polly McGoo by William Klein
Hearts and Crafts ( artisans who work at Hermes)
Rick, Michelle and Scarlett (Rixk Owens and muse Michelle Lamy)
In the Mood for Love


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