Tuesday, 14 February 2017


The  Fashion  Department  have  just  returned  from  another  very  successful  London  Trip. It  was a  very  busy  time  for  all  involved  as  4 years  were  purchasing  fabric  for  their  final collections, 3rd  years  were  attending  interviews  for  their  upcoming  work  placements  and  purchasing fabric for  their  2  piece statements  and  2nd  years  were  purchasing  fabric  for  various  projects, conducting  a  market  research  project  and  attending  a  variety  of  exhibitions, particularly  the Robert  Raushenberg  exhibition  in  the  Tate  Modern. Everyone  is inspired and  invigorated  from the  trip  and  looking  forward  to  getting  started  on  final  year  projects.

Tate  Modern

V &A - Undressed

Dover Street Market

V & A

Natural History Museum

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Winner - IDI Graduate Design Awards 2016

Congratulations  to  2015  Fashion  Design  Graduate, Avril  Roche  on  winning  the  Fashion category  of  the  IDI  Graduate  Design  Awards  2016.

This is the 18th Annual Irish Design Awards, recognising, celebrating and promoting exemplary design vision, uncovering emerging talent and honouring outstanding achievement across all disciplines of Design in Ireland.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Graduate Ina Marie Igoe intervied in The Irish Times

Graduate  Ina  Marie Igoe  is  currently  working  as  a  pattern  cutter  in  New  York. The  full  interview  is  available  on  The  Irish Times  link  below.

Why did you choose LSAD, and what was your experience like there?

LSAD I felt had more momentum going for it in the fashion department. For a relatively small course, and with less resources available than in Dublin for example, it was churning out competition finalists and winners, and creating quite the stir.
The fashion degree was unbelievably taxing: the hours you put in and the sheer standard that is expected from each student. The fashion department at LSAD instils drive and discipline in its students. It’s this beautiful go-getter mentality that is a fantastic thing for employers to see. I’ve worked and interned with many people and it sets you apart from so many others.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Graduate Michael Stewart featured in The Gloss Magazine

Michael  Stewart, LSAD  Fashion  graduate  is  currently  in  his  2nd  year  of  MA  in  Fashion  in the  Royal  College  of  Art  in  London. Michael  was  the  recipient  of  a  €15,000  bursary  from Kildare  Village  earlier  this  year  to  help  further  his  studies. 
Michael  is  in  LSAD  this  week  working  with  4th  year  Fashion  Students.

LSAD Graduates featured in Vogue Italia

The Limerick school of Art and Design (LSAD) got the Vogue seal of approval this week after being picked up by the prestigious Vogue Italia. The low-key school, founded in 1852, has been ranked within the top 50 fashion and design schools in the world along with famed schoolsCentral Saint Martens in London andParsons in New York.
Speaking to Vogue Italia, Head of Fashion atLIT, Anne Melinn, said the students in Limerick are paving the way for innovation in creativity:
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